Off to Europe :: Trier, Germany

Few days ago, I came back from a 10-day trip to Germany and Austria. Thanks to my dad, who was willing to take my mom and I with him to his biannual conference. Having never been to Europe, my mom and I were just fascinated by everything and anything we saw that had any speck of “European-ness,” taking pictures everywhere we went. It was such an amazing experience to finally visit Europe, and I am writing this post as I am sorting through my pictures from the trip to highlight the moments that I want to cherish forever.

Aug. 13, 2015 – We were finally in Europe! Frankfurt, Germany. It was nearly 9 pm when we got to our hotel in Trier, but we had no time to waste. After putting our suitcases in the room, we came straight back out to find a castle right outside our hotel. This is Europe. Trier 1.5 Trier 1

About an hour drive from our hotel was another castle owned by the Eltz family now exhibited to the public. We took a tour through the castle and saw lavish furniture, armory, and historical paintings. Pictures were not allowed in the castle 😦

Eltz Castle

We had beer and sausage, too!

Eltz Castle 2

Bernskastel is a small town that has all “German” characteristics that most tourist expect: white buildings with brown wooden stripes, lots of sausage/beer shops, vineyards along the river, Catholic cathedrals, and of course beautiful weather. Bernskastel 2Bernskastel 1

Bernskastel 3

Our hotel was in Trier, the oldest city in Germany, located on the Moselle river. With over 2000 years of history, it holds many historical treasures all throughout the city. The Porta Nigra right in front of our hotel is the only city gate still standing out of four gates that had once given the city protection. We also revisited the Catholic Cathedral, named the Church of Our Lady.TrierTrier 4 Trier 3Trier 9

A few minutes from the church was the Palace with beautiful gardens surrounding it.

Trier 8

Trier 6

Trier 7

Trier 2

The three-day tour of Germany was short but I cherish every moment of it. What I saw and experienced is probably a very small fraction of what Germany is really like, but I was thoroughly impressed and I hope I can go back there again.


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