Home Sweet Home :: Connection through Cake


I had a little reception/fellowship after the church service in celebration of my 20th birthday couple of weeks ago, and I met the nicest and sweetest ladies.

After the fellowship, while I was cleaning up the leftover cake, the lady in the orange came up to me and congratulated of my birthday. She told me that the cake was wonderful. So delicious that her mother, who is normally not a cake-eater, cleaned her plate! It was delightful to hear that and I told her that I wanted to meet her mother.

When I walked out of the kitchen, the lady on the left was sitting on one of the chairs by the window. I came up to her to ask if she enjoyed the cake. Although she did not speak a word of English, I could just see how sweet and loving this woman was. At an age over ninety, she had the biggest heart and love. The moment she saw me, she gave me a hug and she did not let go of my side until I said goodbye to her. Her daughter told me that they came for her son’s (the grandma’s grandson’s) wedding reception, and they were so thankful to be offered a piece of cake even though it was their first time at this church.

We had a connection through cake.

This cake led me to meet these two wonderful Spanish women, and I will never forget this sweet grandma saying, “muchacha bonita!” It was such a joyful day at church meeting these two people. Perhaps the Lord sent them to me as a birthday present.

Thank you, Lord.



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