K-Town Date


Before leaving LA to go home for Spring break, I luckily got some time to stay around and explore around LA. One of the places I visited was Koreatown, which is only 30-min away from campus by car. I met up with my friend on Wilshire Blvd, which I would call the main street of the town. The street has some of my favorite things about Korea: cute cafes, restaurants, bakeries, little accessory shops, hair salons, etc. This time, I got a chance to go to one of the cutest cafes, called Caffe Bene. What I absolutely loved about this cafe was its exquisite, vintage interior design. The thick, wooden coffee tables surrounded by the dark cement wall with an antique clock in the center that tied everything together. The friendly service and the not only delicious but also most beautiful pastries and lattes made the whole experience simply unforgettable.


We got to try one of their signature honey breads topped with strawberries and cream cheese. We also had a cup of green tea latte and a mocha latte, which were just too pretty to drink. Then, for a late lunch, or what my friend called “lunner,” we went to a seafood restaurant called Boiling Crab. It was one of those places that I have heard of but had never had the chance to actually go. So I was really excited to go there for the first time. And it was absolutely great. I had high expectations for it and I was not a bit disappointed. We each ordered a half-pound of shrimp coated with “Whole Sha-bang” spice, which is a mixture of rajun cajun seasoning, lemon pepper, and garlic butter. I’m really glad I took my friend’s advice and ordered a corn with it because the corn was AMAZING. It was perfected steamed and marinated in the seasoning.


Along with all of that, we got a plate of sweet potato fries and a plate of cajun fries. Yessss. It was a feast, indeed. The eating process was pretty messy. The first thing they give you when you are seated at a table is a baby bib, so that you wouldn’t immerse your clothes in the juicy seasoning. And then your order comes in a plastic bag, and you open the bag and just dig in with your hands!(Make sure you wash your hand thoroughly before eating!) It’s really hot when you first get it, since everything is freshly boiled and seasoned, so be careful. But mmmm~it’s the best thing I have ever had. Along with shrimp, they have other seafood you can choose from, such as clams, mussels, blue crab, lobster, crawfish, dungeness crab, king crab legs, and oysters. If you’re into fried seafood, they will fry it up for you too! And you can also add extras like corn, potatoes, sausages, rice, and extra condiments.

I would recommend these two places to anyone. I had one of the best experiences in Koreatown that day thanks to these wonderful eateries and my dearest friend! Can’t wait until I can visit again!!


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