BigBang is in the house!

BigBang is a Korean boy group, consisting of five members: G. Dragon, T.O.P., Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung. They are widely known and extremely popular in Korea and else where in the world for their unique style of music and fashion. Along with Super Junior, Big Bang has gained tremendous international recognition in the past few years through their global tours.

Throughout this year, they have been holding a series of concerts as a part of their BIGBANG Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012 in countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia,and the United States. With thousands of fans all over their world, tickets to all of these concerts have sold out literally minutes after they were open for sale.

They have recently visited Los Angeles on Friday&Saturday, November 2&3, to put on a show at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The tickets, as usual, were sold out very quickly after they opened for sale on Monday, October 8 at 10 AM.

The two-three hour-long concert consisted of various songs of their popularity, including “Haru-Haru,” “Crayon,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “Bad Boy.” They also performed about six different encores before saying goodbye to their Californian fans.

BigBang’s world tour is almost at its end, as they only have about six more concerts to perform. They have just finished their concerts in Newark, New Jersey on November 8th&9th and in Lima, Peru on November 14th. Then, they will travel to Japan, Hong Kong, and the UK.

I’ve never actually been to a concert before, but now that I’m here in LA, I actually might have the chance to see some of these Korean stars one of these days. I know Psy’s concert is coming soon in January, and I’m sure everyone is excited for that one as well.


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